ANZAC Biscuits


Having just received some fresh organic oats (25Kg) from Hammonds End farm and wanting to bake something yummy because it’s Tuesday then a quick google led me to ANZAC biscuits on the the ever wonderful Wikipedia. What would we do without those two, please consider making a donation to Wikipedia, it deserves our support. I remember the days or paper encyclopaedias and Miscro$oft Encarta, now we take for granted the mass of information at our fingertips regardless of where we are, anyways….please consider making a donation, I have.

The recipe uses no eggs as its a wartime recipe and eggs were both in short supply and don’t travel well. The recipe itself is straight from the Australian War Memorial site and as per their wishes then I’m providing a link to their web page for the recipe as they ask people not to copy material from the site and to be honest it’s such a straight forward simple recipe then there seems little point in duplicating it, it’s also great for children to make with a little adult help.


Whilst the quantities in the recipe didn’t seem overly large it made more than 50 biscuits, not wanting to make a total pig of myself then most of them will go into work tomorrow
and will probably disappear very quickly from the canteen. They are seriously yummy!

Remember to buy a poppy for remembrance day on 11th Nov.