LIFX Sunrise (Android)

Given how much we love technology then we’ve sponsored quite a few Kickstarters in our time including those from Pebble, Memi, LIFX and Galileo to name a few. LIFX is an Aussie company making some great LED bulbs for the home.


Now that LIFX have finally released an Android SDK then it seemed time to put together something to make the most of the bulbs and so we’ve built an app to demonstrate the LIFX bulbs and our Android development capabilities. (Technomunch is not affiliated with LIFX)

So welcome to LIFX Sunrise, an alarm clock app that will gently wake you up in the morning by simulating a sunrise with your LIFX bulbs.

sunrise06 sunrise07 sunrise01

You can select the time and repeat of your alarm, which LIFX units should be used, how quickly the sun will rise and what you want the final sunrise colour to be:

sunrise04 sunrise03 sunrise05

The app is completed and we’re just awaiting some final bug fixes to the LIFX android libraries before it will be released for free on the Play store. We’ll also be adding in some additional functions time permitting to add simulated candles.

We’ll update this post as soon as it’s available in the Play Store.