Friday Dinner Secrets – Secret Supper Club

Last Friday I had the opportunity to make my second visit to Friday Dinner Secrets hosted by Ross & Agustina for an Argentinian themed meal with 14 other guests. If you’ve never been to a secret supper club then its worth searching out if you have a local venue, typically they’re hosted in someone’s home and you’ll be eating with a group of strangers most likely, its like a cross between a restaurant and a dinner party and at the end you make a donation to the host for your meal.

We had six wonderful courses interspersed with a lot of chat from the other diners, the food is great and the other dinner guests make the evening complete. I was driving and so didn’t have more than 1/2 a glass that one of the other diners kindly offered me. Its always amazingly entertaining to watch others get drunk.

The menu is below along with some photos taken from my iPhone, I’m not a great photographer at the best of times but when combined with low light then its a little iffy. It always makes me feel very self concious taking photos of my food if I’m out anywhere, someone always comments and sadly my pictures do not do justice to Agustinas lovely food.

Empanadas  IMG_1850

Scallops with Chilli, Basil & Lemon IMG_1851

Glazed Strawberries with Parma Ham & ParmesanIMG_1853

Cold Cucumber SoupIMG_1854

Beef Fillet with Butternut souffle & mushroomIMG_1855

Trio of desserts IMG_1856

Unfortunately part way through the meal there was a disaster in the kitchen and the oven broke down just before the beef main course and this slowed things down a little, however with lots of entertainment at the table and long discussions about Highdown school, 1 in 4 and the practising the Awkward Turtle greeting we managed to keep ourselves entertained. Those 3 won’t mean much to anyone that wasn’t at the table that evening.

Back to the meal and the food… For me the highlights would be the Scallops, Argentinian beef fillet (beautifully cooked and absolutely lovely) and the trio of puddings, they were all excellent, White Chocolate Mousse, Tiramisu Semi-freddo & Honey Nut Tart. I have to say that I’m really not a great fan of cucumber, however the cold cucumber soup was actually really nice and I found myself quite surprised that I liked it.

I can thoroughly recommend Friday Dinner Secrets, if you get the chance to give it a try or any other secret supper club for that matter then its worth going along for something out of the ordinary and a quite different dining experience.

Thanks to Ross & Agustina for being wondreful hosts.