Fun fun fun…

Despite my ever advancing years I still love video games, the real challenge is finding the time to play them when you have work, cooking, cleaning, washing and a zillion other things to do, an evening spent gaming means something else didn’t get done!! Also, sadly, my 10 year old son can now whoop my a**e at pretty much everything, it seems my reactions are not what they once were. My formative years were spent with Space Invaders, Galaxians, Lunar Lander and some other greats but theses days there are still some AAA classic titles amongst the film tie-in, endless yearly sports sequel junk.

Zelda Series – Twilight Princess is my favourite.

To name but a few, anyway, back to business, Friday 14th June was a good day for games releases, scratch that, a GREAT day for games releases, two that I’ve been really looking forwards to and there is a real juxtaposition between the two. The sweet and savoury of gaming…


Animal Crossing, a favourite game of yesteryear now updated and released on the 3DS, it’s cutesy and loads of fun decorating your house, choosing clothes and chatting to the town residents, collecting fish/bugs/fossils, taking part in the town bug hunt (I won 1st prize). Its just like you remember (if you played before on the Game Cube) but better. This is a slow burn game, a little visit each day, a trip to the shops buy/make clothes, build a garden, decorate the house, the dawning realisation that Tom Nook is a total crook and you can’t escape his monopoly on house building.

Last of Us, this is an edgy post apocalyptic adventure and the total opposite of Animal crossing in every respect, its not for the feint hearted and it really is a graphical tour-de-force and very atmospheric. I’m not really going to review the detail of this, its everywhere and it deserves the 10/10 ratings its getting. I find myself going really slowly through the game enjoying the scenery and the amazing amount of effort the animators and artists have put into the visuals and design.

These two are well worth purchasing, I’m certainly not disappointed. Next on the game list is GTA-V (Sept) and Metro: Last Light (wait for Steam Summer Sale!) both look amazing but the two above will absorb what little free time I have for the time being.

It’s really fun to watch things heat up for the next console generation, PS4, XBox One. It really looks like Microsoft have shot themselves in the foot this time, they seem to have totally forgotten their end customers in their desire to court the industry, no 2nd hand game sales, TV focus, always internet connected, always watching, always listening – Forget that!! We buy a good proportion of our games 2nd hand and so its a non-starter for the Xbox One. Despite my dislike of Sony then I will like many others be buying a PS4 when I do buy our next console – vote with your purse.