Bath Buns & Lambing

The two are connected by the weekend, on Saturday we went over to Berkshire College of Agriculture for their open-day & lambing weekend and on Sunday I made Bath Buns. My daughter is a student at BCA and was on-duty so we went to cheer her on and bring her home after the long day on her feet. There were some very cute lambs in the lambing enclosure and lucky No 13 caught my eye, super-cute.


    As well as the lambing there were lots of exhibits and stalls all over the place and for the most part the weather managed to keep itself together with only the odd-shower between the sunny spells. We arrived too late for the hog roast, it had all been eaten by the time we arrrived at the stall at around 3pm. However there was a great stall selling Pakora & Bhajis and I so wish I’d taken the guy up on his offer of a bigger discount for a 2nd bag of Veg Pakora as they were scrumptious and have vanished already!! For some reason people seem to love fudge and paying £1/50g it was nice fudge but nothing amazing, just mega icky sweet, guess I’m not a fudge person! I’ve been itching to try out making bath buns after reading the recipe on recipeWise,


The website is really nicely styled and has some great/interesting recipes. For Sunday lunch I made fresh wholegrain sourdough (66/33 Wholegrain/White) to go with a strange Medieval recipe for chicken called Vyaund-de-Cyprys-Bastarde and buttered cabbage/carrots. I’m a bit of a sucker for old recipes and trying things out. There is no picture of the recipe as it didn’t look great, picture in your mind mushed up Zombie brains and you’re most of the way there (red-wine, saffron, minced chicken), however that’s where my criticism will stop as it tasted really quite nice, just didn’t look great, I’d certainly eat it again. I need to do some work to scale my sourdough recipe properly, made with 100% white flour then 500g of flour will fill the two loaf tins quite well with a quite open crumb but as you increase the % of wholegrain then you just can’t get the same rise as the white. The shot above was with 600g of flour but just wasn’t enough to fill the loaf tins just over the brim, will try 700g next time.