Malt Loaf, Instapaper, Evernote & iPads

Couldn’t resist trying Paul Hollywoods Malt Loaf recipe from the show the other day, fairly easy to make, the only challenge was finding some Malt Extract, having tried Waitrose and failed, it seems Malt Extract is quite popular and lumped in with the vitamins and health supplements, tried Tesco, they sell it but our large Tesco Extra is not large enough evidently and they don’t stock it. As a last resort I tried the chemist and lo and behold they had some.


After getting home with my prize then for some reason I seemed to think I might already have some, a quick check in the fridge and sure enough a 75% full jar of Malt Extract – DUH! It wasn’t a totally wasted shopping trip as I got some other bits and pieces.

As always I tinkered with the recipe slightly adding half the water to the malt/sugar/butter mix along with the sultanas during the heating/mixing of those and gave them a little while to soak and using my normal non-quick yeast added to water with a little sugar. Also the recipe seems a little light on flour or perhaps its just that its really hard to measure really gloopy ingredients such as black treacle & malt extract. One of my pet peeves are recipes that specify those type of ingredients in tablespoons, for heavens sake, use grams.

The final result was really nice, excellent taste. Sadly as with most bread recipes with no additives they’re best enjoyed on the day they are baked or immediately frozen. You can toast them to freshen them up but the toasting hides some of the flavour/taste of the malt.

Typically for new recipes then I queue them up in Instapaper and will try them from there and if they are good/worthwhile and I’ll make them again then I transcribe them into Evernote, usually removing all of the cruft in/around the recipe to keep it short and sweet and as much as possible on one page as there is nothing worse than having to constantly scroll up/down to see ingredients/method because there are pictures everywhere or weird layouts.


On my kitchen counter there is my iPad on it’s stand and its my cooking companion. So if you love/use Evernote here is an Evernote export (ENEX) of the Malt Loaf recipe you can download and import as there doesn’t seem much to be gained from just reproducing recipes here.