Pebble watch review – From Kickstarter to my wrist.

Lazy gal that I am then I should have posted this the moment I got my pebble, I was very early on in the Kickstarter list and I’ve had my pebble for around 4 weeks now and overall its good news, its a great device with great potential but doesn’t quite hit all the buttons it could/should but its not necessarily Pebbles fault….


The good parts. It looks and feels wonderful, very comfortable to wear and very simple to use, the UI is easy to grasp and this weeks update has further refined things. The integration and operation with iOS and my iPhone5 has been seamless with no issues, it all worked perfectly out of the box.

IMG_1649 IMG_1648

The USB charging cable is super neat and I love the way it magnetically clips onto the side of the watch, just wish I had more than one as it would be nice to have one at work and one at home as if you leave it at work and the battery dies over the weekend as has happened to me twice then its pretty annoying. Although saying that, its kind of my fault as got mine on a Monday and fully charged it then, the battery lasts 6-7 days for me, it would have been a more sensible option to recharge midweek bit I wanted to see how long it would go on that first charge and its been a pretty solid reliable 6-7 days so far. Music control is also great, works perfectly.

Where things go downhill a little is really down to iOS but its the Pebble experience that suffers from it, my iPhone5 is often asking me to allow my Pebble to connect when I’ve wandered away from my phone or at various other times and I’m not sure why, its annoying. The caller ID doesn’t work for FaceTime so when I get a FaceTime call its just a long string of random numbers on the Pebble, they probably mean something to someone but not to me.

The other annoying niggle is text messages, the notification works perfectly and flawlessly, its just cancelling them that doesn’t work. You read/dismiss the notification on the watch and your iPhone keeps on beeping at you and the notification flag doesn’t get cleared from the messages app. Admittedly this is probably iOS’s fault in not allowing Pebble to interact with the Messages app as its Apples want in terms of restricting things but its still annoying for the user. I did try email notifications for a while but that is just plain irritating, wayyyyy too many notifications.

Within the first week I’d managed to scratch the face of my Pebble, much to my annoyance and I’m still not quite sure how it happened. I popped out to Costco to get some shopping and when I got back it was scuffed, not badly but enough to notice, all my own fault, the face is plastic not gorrilla glass, must be more careful in future.

For me the Text Watch face is still the best, not so keen on the other gimmicky ones out there, the choice is growing slowly and there’s sure to be something for everyone eventually. Pebble are talking games on the watch and have demo’d Snake, seriously its not a gaming platform, why bother. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

IMG_1654 IMG_1653  IMG_1651

Given I work writing Android apps (but hey I love my iPhone) then it would be really wonderful to get hold of the Pebble SDK, they keep saying soon….

I’ve put money down on quite a few Kickstarter projects and Pebble is certainly the best by far, its a great product and with a few improvements it will be a brilliant product.