Illuminated Dog Ball (Meteorlight)

These things are absolutely brilliant for those short winter days when you end up walking the dog in the twilight/darkness, you can still go up the park. Even our dog thinks they are amazing, he spent ages in the park in the dark with me throwing this. It must look a little eerie from the outside, a black dog in a dark park with a glowing red ball, all you can see is this red blob moving around.

They are a little hard to activate by hand, easier to put on the ground and press with your foot, it starts flashing when you press and you hold until its fully on, same to turn off. Stops the dog accidentally turning it off. Construction seems pretty solid, our Ollie has had a good chew on in it with no undesired effects beyond a lot of dribble. There are a range of colours, red, green, blue & disco. Whilst in daylight they don’t seem to give off much light then once in the dark its more than enough to be visible for quite a distance, its a shame the illumination isn’t even across the surface, its a little dim on one side but it doesn’t effect its usefulness.

A little pricey for a dog toy at £11.50 but well worth it.  You can find them on Amazon.